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Together, we are powerful. Help us build a future for all of us.

Caring for people.
Protecting our environment.
Planning for the future.

Welcome to the Greens! Our movement is made up of hundreds of thousands of people across Australia who believe that everyone should be treated equally, we should protect our environment and we should all have access to the services we need to live a good life.

Right now, more than ever, Australian politics needs a shake-up. We need values-driven, evidence-based, community-led politics. 

As the fastest growing political party in Australia, we know that real progress happens when people come together to demand it. Our movement delivers real, progressive change, from the streets right into Parliament. Together, we are powerful. Join us as we build a future for all of us. 

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The Greens are proud to be powered by people, not big corporations. Our big wins, on the streets and in Parliament, have been led by our amazing volunteers around the country.

But for us to succeed at the next election, we're going to need everyone to get involved. We need people like you to help us. Watch to find out more about what it means to volunteer for the Greens.

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