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Stanmore for the many

Stanmore for the many

Tas Greens Doorknock (Franklin)

Join us on Saturday afternoon for a door knock in the electorate of Franklin!

Visit Voters in O'Connor

Join us for an afternoon talking to voters about Tim Hollo and Dr Penny Kyburz - plenty of training provided!

Moore Cowan Craigie DK Sat pm April 20th 2019

Door Knock in the Craigie area on Saturday afternoon, April 20th, with Senator Jordan Steele-John.

Curtin Door Knock 22

At this exciting part of our campaign door knocking is a vital tool for voter contact. We hope you'll be part of it! Who doesn't love a federal election! And it's getting close.

Swan Saturday Afternoon Doorknock!

Let's Paint Swan Green on Saturday afternoon!

Door Knock - Sydney Campaign - Camperdown

Join us for a door knock in Camperdown on Saturday 20th April.

Fremantle Afternoon Doorknock!

Join our Movement!

Together we can: Caboolture conversations. Snacks and chats with Larissa Waters, Simone Dejun for Longman