Close The Camps

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We will keep fighting until every single detained man, woman and child is brought to freedom. Join our campaign to help end the torture on Manus and Nauru.

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The Liberal and Labor parties have spent years locking up people in offshore hellholes. Only the Greens will close the camps to end the senseless cruelty on Manus Island and Nauru.

All of us, including people fleeing war-torn countries, have a right to live free from danger, to be treated with dignity and compassion and to be given help when we need it.

But, in a dark chapter in Australia’s history, Liberal and Labor governments have spent years locking up people in indefinite detention and separating vulnerable families who have asked for our help.

It is legal to seek asylum. This is an issue of basic human rights that should never have been used for political point scoring.

The Greens will close the camps and create a system that fairly and efficiently helps people find safety.

We will never give up on people stuck in offshore prison camps. With another election looming, help us send a message to the Liberal and Labor parties: close the camps and bring them here.

We can build a future where everyone is treated with respect and compassion, but only with a government that cares for all people - not just the powerful few.