State Director

Closing Date

Sunday, June,30 2019 - 11:59 pm

About the role

The State Director is the most senior staff member of the Victorian Greens, and is responsible for managing all operations of the party. The State Director will provide the Party’s decision-making bodies with support and advice, and will ensure that the Party’s resources are used to implement the party’s decisions and strategic plans.

You will be a diplomat, a strategist, a leader, and a political communications expert. This isn’t your average job: you’ll often work weekends and evenings instead of weekdays, and you’ll need to be self-motivated and flexible - but you’ll meet amazing Greens members from all walks of life, travel all over Victoria, and make a real difference to growing the political party that stands up for what matters. If you enjoy working with people and are passionate about building a progressive Australia, you’ll love this job.

The role involves supervision of a team of staff including those based in the State Office (currently 24 people) and a variable number of staff engaged on short term appointments during peak campaign periods. 

The next federal election will be held any time from now until 18 May 2019.

About the Victorian Greens

The Greens have a proud history of standing up for what is right, not just what is easy or what polls well. Over the course of the last four decades, the Greens have become the third force in Australian politics. Across Australia there are currently Greens elected at every level of government. 

Like Greens parties around the world, the Victorian Greens are founded upon four pillars: ecological sustainability, grassroots democracy, social justice and peace and non-violence. The Greens are much more than an environmental party. While promoting meaningful and commonsense solutions to ensure future generations of Australians have clean air, clean water and clean soil, the Greens are also working in many other areas to champion integrity, decency and fairness. As well as representing constituents, the Greens speak on behalf of those who wouldn’t otherwise get much of a say inside parliament: children, refugees, students, individuals and families living in poverty and, of course, our natural environment. 

The Victorian Greens run candidates in federal, state and local elections in the state of Victoria. The Victorian Greens are affiliated to the Australian Greens.

Core responsibilities

  1. Provide high-level political, strategic, campaign and management advice and assistance to party office bearers and governance committees.
  2. Implement party decisions and strategies through the direction of State Office activity and staff, including campaign activity and party administration.
  3. Supervise and manage the Victorian Greens’ staff, operational systems and financial resources within approved budgets.
  4. Liaise with the offices of elected representatives, the Australian Greens and other state and territory Greens parties.
  5. Monitor and report on financial and operational matters.
  6. Ensure high integrity record-keeping and reporting.
  7. Support and actively assist office bearers and party bodies to ensure best-practice complaints handling procedures compliant with the party’s rules are applied. 

Selection criteria

  1. Experience working in a leadership role within a political party, non-government organisation or other incorporated association, including providing guidance to management committees.
  2. Demonstrated skills in internal and external stakeholder management and engagement, including consultation, advocacy and negotiation.
  3. Demonstrated ability to manage resources including finances, budgetary processes, staff and volunteers.
  4. Demonstrated skills in understanding, applying and enforcing organisational rules and policies in relation to areas of responsibility.
  5. Demonstrated ability to respond to and triage complaints and other sensitive matters.
  6. High-level communications and campaign experience.
  7. Commitment to the Greens Charter.

How to apply for this job

Enquiries: Willisa Hogarth 0420 259 877. You can also email using the subject line: State Director application.

Applications are being accepted on rolling basis until the position is filled.

To apply please email a resume and a covering letter addressing the selection criteria above to We prefer applications to be submitted as follows: the cover letter and CV in the same file, saved as a PDF, with the name of the file being the applicant’s name.

We will read every application and follow up directly if interested. Please be honest and thoughtful in your answers, and detail why you would be particularly well suited to the role, clearly addressing every one of the selection criteria with examples and successes from your experience. 

The Greens are an equal opportunity employer, which means we strongly encourage any interested and qualified people to apply - we don’t discriminate on the basis of sex, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.